Geoscience Services

♦ QA/QC Services
♦ Subsurface Management and Review
♦ Integrated Reservoir and subsurface Studies and Review
♦ Field Development Studies
♦ Seismic Interpretation and Attribute Analysis
♦ Petrophysical Interpretation, Analysis and Evaluation
♦ Earth/Reservoir/Static Modeling
♦ Review, QA/QC of geologic data/projects
♦ Geomechanics Pore Pressure Services
♦ Mudlogging Service

Petroleum/Reservoir Engineering Services

Dynamic Reservoir Simulation
Review and QAQC Services of Reservoir Engineering Data/Projects
Wellbore Utilization Studies and Well Production Enhancement
Well Test Design, Analysis and Extended Well Test
Gas Lift Design and Analysis
Well Planning & Completion Design
SWD/Produced water handling Services
Well Intervention Services
Wellbore Utilization Studies
Well Performance Optimization
Production Optimization

Call Out Services

We are open to call out services for clients projects for all activities in the upstream petroleum industry. This involves Office and Field based operations and activities.

Field Based Operations and Activities

♦ Oil Field Services
♦ Well Site and Mudlogging Service
♦ Geomechanical/Pore Pressure Engineer/Geologist
♦ Well-site Services Engineers/Geologist, Mudloggers
♦ Facilities Engineers

New Interest – Under Collaboration

♦ Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing
♦ Geophysical and Geotechnical Site Investigation Survey
♦ Drilling and Completion Design Activities
♦ Procurement
♦ Automation and Instrumentation

Office Based Operations and Activities

♦ Geophysicists/Seismic Interpreters
♦ Geologists/Geomodeller/Petrophysicists
♦ Petroleum/Reservoir /Simulation Engineers
♦ Geomechanic/Pore Pressure Engineers

Underwater Services – Collaboration

♦ ROV Operation and Associated Services (Underwater welding)
♦ Underwater Inspection, Intervention, Maintenance and Installation
♦ Diving